Why We’re Not Buying a House (right now)

From There to Here


One of the most common questions we’ve gotten since moving to Indiana is whether or not we are going to rent or buy. The second most common question concerns where we work and what we do.

These are such normal questions but every time I’m asked, I simply do not know how to respond. Sometimes I give a vague answer of the “we’re hoping to eventually build or buy” variety. Other times I gauge whether the person asking can handle the truth of our situation. The truth is that we don’t know what our next move is going to be.

That’s so scary.

And so freeing.


We moved up here not to continue the same old habits and patterns, but to start over. In our old lives we were completely stressed by home ownership with all of the maintenance, unexpected costs, and potential needs of an old house. We never traveled because there wasn’t much money left over after other necessary expenses.

We are free now.

Free from house debt.

Free from worry and stress.


And so when people ask me what our plan is, the truth is: we’re scared to own again. We don’t know that we ever want to own again. Not because there aren’t great benefits from home ownership (because there most certainly are), but because we don’t think putting all of our time and resources in a house will get us any closer to accomplishing our dreams and living the life we are working toward.


We have a roof over our heads until we do figure it out, and for that we’re grateful. But for now, we’re comfortable being slightly weird if that means being one step closer to living a part-time traveling life and getting paid to do what we love.

Hey, it might never happen, but we will regret it if we don’t keep trying.

So for now, no, we won’t be buying a house.


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